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About the Team

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Kimberly Stommes

Attorney at Law

With a strong desire to be of service to individuals and families in her community, attorney Kimberly Stommes started her private firm to provide one-on-one guidance to clients across the greater St. Cloud, Minnesota area. With a focus on criminal defense, family law, and child protection cases, Kimberly has the knowledge and insight you need to find your way through legal situations and move toward a brighter future. If you need legal representation in St. Cloud, Minnesota, contact Kimberly today.

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Earl Wins

Attorney at Law

Focusing on criminal defense cases, attorney Earl Wins understands that while everyone makes mistakes, those mistakes do not have to define you for the rest of your life. Earl seeks to give sound legal guidance to his clients and help them move forward through some of the most difficult challenges in their lives. Feeling comfortable in the courtroom and in front of a judge, Earl's legal knowledge will allow you to have peace of mind as you work together to pursue a favorable resolution to your legal matters.


Caroline Field

Attorney at Law

After obtaining her law degree, attorney Caroline Field chose to focus her practice on criminal law. Defending individuals facing criminal charges of various legal challenges allows Caroline to serve the people around her and use her knowledge and insight to lead them toward the best solutions available to them in their cases. Whether you have been charged with a drug offense, DWI or DUI, a violent crime, or a probation violation, you can trust Caroline to fight tirelessly on your behalf in the pursuit of justice.