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Client Charged With Terroristic Threats

CASE TYPE: Terroristic Threats

RESULT: Acquittal

Earl’s client was charged with felony Terroristic Threats after he allegedly threatened his neighbors.

There was not much evidence in the case. Basically, it was a he said/he said about what happened. The alleged victim claiming that Earl’s client showed up at his door and threatened physical harm, and Earl’s client claiming he simply told the alleged victim to stop spreading rumors about him.

Earl’s client had no interest at all in pleading to something he did not do, so Earl prepared for trial.

Earl knew the entire trial was going to come down to one thing: witness credibility.

During testimony, Earl noticed that many new details were being added by the alleged victim that were nowhere in the police reports. Earl thoroughly cross-examined the alleged victim to lock him into his story.

Earl did the same with each witness that testified and in the end the jury heard three different stories from the three different witnesses brought in to testify. Earl hammered on these inconsistencies in his closing and argued that there was plenty of room for doubt.

The jury deliberated and came back with a Not Guilty verdict.