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Criminal Sexual Conduct Charges Dismissed

CASE TYPE: Criminal Sexual Conduct

RESULT: Dismissed

Earl’s client was charged with Second-Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct for allegedly touching a minor over five years ago. This was a very serious case. Any conviction not only brought the typical penalties of jail/prison time, but also the requirement that Earl’s client register as a predatory offender.

Earl worked closely with his client and a private investigator to gather information. As is typical in criminal sexual conduct cases, a thorough pre-trial investigation was crucial. Earl had pictures taken of the location of the alleged incident, filed numerous motions, and found crucial evidence in a related case that provided an alternate theory to this case.

After two years of investigation and disclosure of documents favorable to Earl’s client, the state dismissed all charges.

This case is a key example of how important it is to have representation that believes in you and is willing to turn over every rock to fight your case.