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Speeding Ticket Reduced

CASE TYPE: Speeding

RESULT: Charges Reduced

Earl’s client was charged with speeding after being pulled over for going over 100 mph on the I-94. The case was charged as a misdemeanor due to the high speed and its potential to injure people or property. Also, because the speed was over 100 mph, Earl’s client faced an automatic revocation of his driver’s license for six months.

During negotiations with the prosecutor, Earl pointed out several aspects of his client’s personal situation, including the fact that his client had never before been convicted of speeding. Based on the information Earl presented, the prosecutor agreed to amend the charges to a petty misdemeanor and allowed Earl’s client to plead to going 99 mph.

Because of the way this case was resolved, Earl’s client avoided a misdemeanor conviction and also kept his driver’s license.