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Theft of a Motor Vehicle Dismissed


RESULT: Dismissed

Earl’s client was charged with theft of a motor vehicle from their employer after a falling out over payroll delays.

Earl spoke with his client and learned that his client had permission to use the vehicle. In fact, on the day of the alleged theft, there were text messages between the employer and Earl’s client about where the vehicle was and that it could be picked up at any time.

Earl’s client was not interested in any sort of plea agreement. They believed they had done nothing wrong.

Earl did some investigating into his client’s former employers and discovered that one of them is facing a SIXTY-FIVE count criminal complaint in another county for “defeating securities.” What the employer is alleged to have done is borrowed money to buy cars for their dealership, sold the cars, but then never paid the bank for the borrowed money used to buy the car in the first place. Essentially, the employer is charged with stealing dozens of cars!

Earl got a copy of the employer’s criminal complaint. Earl talked with the prosecutor in his client’s case and went over the evidence with them. Earl then showed the prosecutor what their “victim” has allegedly been up to. A few days later, the prosecutor dismissed the case against Earl’s client.